19 June 2006

care bears

i'm totally falling in love with becky bloomwood, and i don't even have the dignity to be embarrassed. this girl is wonderful and i love her accent. i've read going on four sophie kinsella books this month, and, ya'll, i haven't finished one without laughing out loud. who cares if it's chick lit? i can relate to this girl.

i'm also starting a list of required watching for boyfriends, a see-how-bad-of-an-idea-cheating-is list:
1. fatal attraction. although to be honest, i haven't finished watching that, dong turned it off halfway through. the first half was scary though!
2. derailed. seen it? (maybe it should be number one, actually.)

i've also moved to paradise, but i shouldn't say too much, i don't want to jinx it. oh, and (finally) met his kids, the cuties, and that was the last big breath i was holding for this relationship. so things are pretty wonderful.

except that i'm visiting new orleans this week and remembering what living with my mother (my mum, becky would say) is like at it's very worse.

and i'm really feeling out of sorts on the whatamigoingtodowithmylife scene. i go home wednesday (home!) and instead of hanging out at the beach, i guess i need to figure some things out. i always make my lists, like:
-organized photos
-do taxes
-find a job i like
and my photos are organized and my taxes are done (except stupid h&rblock.com wouldn't let me send them online cause i'm married filing seperately. it makes no since to me at all that i was separated after 10 months of marriage and have had to file three years of taxes with the bastard. this country is screwed up.) so, it's time to figure out what to do with my life. why is this so scary? i'm almost 30. i'm smart. i have a college degree. why do i feel so incapable, so fake? i should have this shit figured out by now.

oh well, now i have to go watch care bears with my angel niece, since we are already on day three of five. i ache for this child when i'm away almost as much as i ache for jack when i'm here. but not quite. ooh, i think that's him calling. nevermind, it's my mother again.