08 May 2007

moves and such

i woke up this morning super early, and was lying in bed listening to the seagulls crying outside. they are such a loud and constant presence here. always looking at you or flying overhead and always calling to each other. jack looked at me and said, i'm going to miss the sounds of seagulls. and i replied without thinking, should we take one home with us? that home means so much to me, and the fact that my subconscious has decided already it's so, i think is a good thing. so, on with the move. but i will miss the seagulls...

i took a new passport picture at walgreens, and it is just unusable. my hair is flat yet frizzy and my face is round and blurry. the sad part is, i waited until i thought i looked really good to take them. i watched the guy do it on the machine, and there seemed to be nothing to it, so i think i'm going to make my own.

i called about a collections letter we received for an old utility bill that's been paid for a year, and the customer service man asked me all about living in post-k new orleans. he was sweet and interested and i think we talked for at least 3o minutes. i told him the things you learn are 1) no such thing as security or stability, things will happen in this life that you do not expect, and didn't think you could live through, and life will go on, and 2) you really don't need much. sometimes it's funny to me that people have forgotten, and sometimes it's funny to me that people are still interested.