25 September 2008

beautiful blur...

there's something about blurry pictures that just speak to me. mustn't just be me, the one above by mario sorrenti was published in harper's bazaar russia last year. (via fotodecadent - love!)

clicking through my latest this morning i found myself loving some obviously blurry ones, like thes:

recently, i accidentally found an interesting article, the decisive moment may be A blur by beverly spicer) about modern technology's ability for sharp, split second views of the world vs. long shutter times on cheap digital cameras that basically capture the moments after the picture you meant to take. i think the surge of blur love may be in response to technology, much like the toy camera movement that i'm noticing. you know, we yearn for some mysteriousness, something magical.

anyway, this quote from the article sums up the question:
"But what about the other way around, where time is slowed down, where one moment melts into the next, yielding not a sharp focus of the world but a soft one where nothing stands still? What do we want but to see things as they really are, but on what terms? Do we want a microsecond snapshot or a long, contemplative view?"