29 August 2008

there and back again

i love the window seat. being able to look down on clouds. i like it when the whole world is covered by a fluffy white sea, or when one tiny puffball floats above the earth. i love how big and small it looks from up here.

24 August 2008


when i wander around the internet i follow links aimlessly and bookmark anything and everything that catches my eye, usually cool blogs or photographers. so i have a great collection of links, although no clue how i ended up there. thought i'd start collecting them here once in a while.

sea of shoes (i remember where this one came from)

holly andres
gwendolyn kraehenfuss
anna wolf

23 August 2008


i asked my sister and husband, separately, who they think is the sexiest actress. scarlett johansson was the first on both of their lists. i agree; i especially like her voice. i think it's interesting that she appeals to both men and women, that's hard to do!

megan fox
is the only other one they agreed on.

interestingly enough, this article about lesbian scenes includes quotes from both of these actresses. coincidence? i think not.

22 August 2008

smells like teen spirit

so, i went shopping yesterday, to the mall, and i couldn't even believe my eyes. it seems the '90s are back in fashion.

i've thought before about what, exactly, was '90s style. it didn't seem definable to me in the way that '80s, or '70s, or any other decade is. seemed boring and random. but walking through the mall, like, everything looked like something i would've wore in high school. colored straight leg jeans, floral baby-dolls, plaid mini-skirts, flannel shirts, even pink doc martens. it made me deliciously happy.

happy enough to buy this cheap see-through dress and a few candles from bath and body works. just like i would've on a mall trip in the '90s (if you replace forever 21 with whatever cheap store was around then).

now, few things about this dress:
it's kind of ugly.
it's kind of young.
it's kind of see-through.
i love it.

i mean love it. i'm going to rock it with my patent cowboy boots, something that i would have never done in high school.

speaking of things that take me courage to wear, here is a necklace i bought in soho:

it makes a wonderful chiming from the disks hitting each other when i walk. and it's so long and versatile - i can wrap it three times for a choker, twice for a normal length, or not at all for a knee- length. i've worn it with simple cotton dresses and t-shirts and jeans to make them less boring.

i love being old enough to wear things that make me happy instead of being so self-conscious that i remove them before walking out the door.

21 August 2008


quite possibly the worst movie ever made, despite starring both kate beckinsale and matthew mcconaughey.

20 August 2008

both random and irrelevent.

our bird has a friend. can you see? there are two:

it looks like this at noon. it's not supposed to:

texas lightpoles that look like cacti. file under things i never noticed before:


if your looking for a good bottle of wine for around $20, these are the two that i always rely on:

18 August 2008

it's raining again.

i ordered a poster of this photo for my bathroom wall. bathroom art is a tricky thing. i see a lot of bathrooms covered in collages of photos, inspiration board style, and i just think, ick. how hard to clean would that be?

i like hanging pictures that i've taken. or that mean something to me. like the one pictured below, a gift from my sister.

she bought the photo from etsy, then collaged the glass to add typographical elements. it says: it's your life. have fun. relax. experience the unfamiliar, unexpected. redefine your comfort zone.

and for kids' rooms, it makes for good, cheap art:

i took macro shots of their star wars lego army. cheap ikea frames. $40 art display and so personal to them.

15 August 2008

sketch book

inspired by diary of a wimpy kid. he bought it with his own money.

cars, and more cars, and even more cars. the captions kill me.

wish this had one:

14 August 2008

zoltar speaks

when i was in santa monica, i spent my last dollar bill to get my fortune told by zoltar. here's what he had to say:

no wishes for me though, you have seen big?

13 August 2008

new york

in my dream last night i had a dog and was buying christmas presents.

here are some long overdue pictures from new york. this city - i want it.

subway stations are still so rare to me as to be exciting:

as are taxi rides:

don't they look happily ignorant of the surrounding world, safe inside a bubble of love in the east village? or something like that? they were so cute.

view from the hotel:

view inside the hotel:

this is my favorite ever donut. pity texas for not having dunkin donuts. (actually now that i think about it i have seen one or two. but not right next to my hotel.)

and, look, this is their k-mart. a kmart! if you lived there, people, even your kmart would be awesome.

12 August 2008

santa monica

cotton candy and crazy waves and salty lips and sand castles and people every where.

11 August 2008

i didn't know

wherever you go, you are still just you. i didn't know this would be this way. now i do.

08 August 2008

magazine issues

wow, a blog dedicated to magazines... got to love that: glossed over [via go fug yourself]

i, like others, have had serious magazine issues. i now subscribe to 2 at a time (right now domino and jpeg) and resist the urge to ever buy any at the checkout lines (which i am rarely in, that probably helps more than will power.) my one exception is airlines, where i feel completely justified in buying at least 2 for each flight. i know i travel too much when sometimes at the end of the month, there is nothing new left for me to buy.

i also rip all the things i like out and save in a pile before throwing the mag away. i need to find some way to organize them.

01 August 2008

soho versus san antonio

difference #1: everywhere we go in soho, random people comment on jack t-shirts.

he's developed a pretty awesome t-shirt collection, i take full credit as the t-shirt buyer of the family. don't believe me? witness exhibit 1, the facts about uranus shirt that i bought him yesterday from ClothMoth Clothing + Kindness on etsy:

(these pics are from their etsy shop.)

in san antonio, no one has ever once mentioned any t-shirt jack has ever worn in terms of how cool it is or where did you get that comments. not random strangers, not neighbors, not co-workers. nothing. except for
¿Habla EspaƱol? when he wears the hecho en mexico one. which is only awesome because although he was, mostly, made in mexico.