24 October 2007

i just bought this from ebay

i must be crazy... but i want to try to take some ttv photographs.

i've decided to also start a contemporary photography collection. every month i'm going to buy one photo that i love from etsy, probably only signed ones. once a month to keep my from going broke - i already have enough picked out for two years!

23 October 2007

my own way

miss potter

a sweet and sad story about following your dreams, living on your own terms, and not wasting a moment.

22 October 2007

this that we call home

arriving i am looking back, to my own past, feeling wistful and nostalgic and hopeful. and by departure all the illusions have disapated completely.

things ::

:: i love weddings. everyday i read a dozen or so blogs written by wedding stylists or photographers.

:: this weekend i bought a plaid jumper with two buttons like i wore in the 90s and i love it.

:: i found a song: love you till the end by the pogues. i'm about to buy it from itunes because i can't stop thinking it. it's wonderful.

:: today is the first day of fall here. it feels brisk and invigorating and makes me miss new england so much. i want fresh clam chowder and apple cider. instead i'm settling for oatmeal.

:: my photography class ended today. the teacher kept asking what direction i want to go into, and why i am doing this, and i kept saying i don't really know. but i do.

03 October 2007


such good news: my jack is not going to die. the e.r. physician misunderstood his test results, apparently. i sort of knew nothing could happen to him, but i was scared to be sure of it.

here are slides from my first roll of film ever shot on a manual camera:

...a few of the pictures were actually perfectly exposed, and all were pretty well focused. i can't even tell you how proud of myself i was. i was expecting a disaster.

here are negatives from my second roll of film ever shot on a manual camera:

...and i processed them myself in the darkroom! this is so much fun.

i love my camera so much, it has quickly become my favorite possession. i got closer to what i wanted after one roll than after 5,000 pictures with my digital.

02 October 2007

i don't know what to call this

something is wrong with jack. we brought him to the e.r. last weekend, and today to a specialist. i have never been so scared, and at the same time my heart can't even fathom the possibility of really losing him.

life, it is one thing after another, isn't it? i am so far from where i was a few years ago - inexperienced and naive. now i feel stronger and weathered. i give jack shots... if you had asked me a year ago i wouldn't have ever imagined i could do that. the last three years have brought to my tiny life: divorce, and marriage, the worst natural disaster in u.s. history, two cross-country moves, kids and exes, and even with all that enough love and happiness to make me feel mostly incredibly lucky.