30 June 2008


check out these wall hooks from saturday's shopping spree:

cool, right? i can't find them on the internets, but it turns out they are made by the same people who make my new timer. actually, i recognized a lot of stuff on their web site, including this little guy:

i bought him (from target) a few months ago to replace my giant coffee can of change.

27 June 2008

i love

i love this little spot in my kitchen, grinder, coffee maker that doesn't suck at all, and especially the photographs picked up last trip to soho.

{i wish i had asked the photographer for his name, because i can't read the signature on the back. i wanted to badly, but for some reason i felt like it would be rude or something. i knew i would regret it. why am i so weird? being scared of asking someone that you are buying something from what their name is? truly ridiculous...}

anyway, in case you can't tell this is looking up at the stairs at the apple shop. so creative.

26 June 2008

things i want to do

learn to speak spanish. so i'll be ready to live in mexico when the time comes.

make things!
make a quilt. something like this - how lovely.

and this bag. already got the pattern.

maybe even a few dresses.

find an good online printer. these came in the mail today (to frame for the boys' room) and they never look as well as i expect...

25 June 2008

months fly by

it amazes me how easy it is to remember passwords sometimes. like dialing a telephone number you haven't used it forever.

look who was back last night:

jack is out of town and this is what makes it bearable:

and although you can't see them: pride and prejudice, the other boleyn girl, and love and other disasters.

i learned that cooking is pretty easy. i still don't do it much, but it's nice to know i can. and it's fun. i love allrecipes.com. you can find anything almost, and the reviews let you know whether it's good. i bought a crappy timer from target, and just replaced it with this one from anthropologie: