02 March 2007

peonies (?) and bad dreams

my computer is on the fritz, so i haven't been blogging much and mayn't be much until who knows when.

the good of it is that i haven't been reading my daily blogs either, so today i had several days of posts to catch up and not one blog that hadn't updated yet, which is a problem when you check them multiples a day.

i woke up to nightmares and rain, rain, rain, and it think it will be a long and lonely weekend. but i do have this beautiful perfectly-pink flower (peony? i don't know what it is... but i now have a favorite flower for getting flowers.) that actually cheered me up to see today.

it rightfully belongs to the pregnant girl upstairs (the baby boy's coming on monday), but that doesn't matter. her husband was bringing up a whole fancy bouquet of all these pretty, pretty flowers and since i was sitting outside reading, he pulled one out to give to me. it smells just gorgeous.

it was a small bud, and look how giantly it opened:

i always think it's odd how one little flower can brighten up the world, in fact, i think it was the subject of my very first second post.