16 August 2004

little dogs

Yesterday was the most glorious weather I’ve ever seen in an August. I think it was actually a record-breaking weekend. The sky was gorgeous blue and you could tell everybody wanted to be playing. We went to the Redfish Cup. I stayed out of the way because I didn’t want to be on ESPN.

But the sun was shining and the food was so good (crawfish beingets and crawfish cakes and crawfish rice and snowballs and beer), and everyone was happy and excited to see who had the biggest fish. They held up each fish one by one and everybody gasped and clapped, whether they were big or little. And the fish wriggled and tried to get back in the water and were very alive because they let them go afterwards.

The really fun thing was to watch the people, because I always love those kinds of people. They were all tan and nice and smiling with their black or gold labrador retrievers. Fishermen and women and their children. Eating and laughing and playing in the hay. (Yes, they had hay and that is honestly one of my favorite things.)

And they also had some bikers with tattoos and leather jackets even though it’s August. And instead of the big air jumping dogs, they had a tiny dog in a black bag wearing rose-colored John Lennon glasses and a tiara. Isn’t that wonderful?

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