10 August 2004

southern thing

I grew up hating iced tea. It’s such a southern thing I know and I’m the only one I know who refuses to drink it. I just never could put up with the taste. I thought I hated tea in general, but recently I discovered that there’s a whole other world out there besides Luzianne. Now I enjoy a nice mug of steaming tea with cream and sugar in the morning instead of coffee, or just whenever I need a pick-me-up. I feel so elegant drinking hot tea, I don’t know why. And I adore the smell of it steeping.

But what prompted this is that I’m drinking the best cup of tea I’ve ever had right now. I bought a Good Earth Variety Pack in the grocery today and just made a cup of sweet and spicy herb tea blend, decaf—it’s almost bedtime. Ever since I discovered that I like some teas, I’ve been experimenting. I know I like chamomile, dislike Earl Gray, like vanilla, dislike peppermint, and so on. And don’t forget Lebonese iced tea with pine nuts at the mediterranean restaurant, and jasmine lime iced tea at the Vietnamese restaurant.

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