07 September 2004

standing still

Let me tell you about memories, and time, she said, because I know some things about them.

At first, all you can see is the bad. You remember so vividly that all you can do is hate. You can’t remember one good thing, one beautiful moment, nothing but the bad things. Then as time goes by, the bad fades away and all that’s left is the good. Things you forgot come flooding back and things you remembered fade away. You are left with everything perfect and wonderful and you try as hard as you can, but you can’t pinpoint any of the bad things. And that’s why you miss him so much.

You’re right, he says.

I know, I told you I know some things about time, and memories, she said.

And he said, You’ll know about time when your sixty.

And she said, I went through a lot of memories in a little time. I’ve slowed down so much, now more time goes by with much less memories. And lately none at all, I feel like I’m... and she stops.

You’re what? he says.

I finished it with a song, and it was a little too Reality Bites to say out loud, she said, thinking of Jewel.

And he laughed, but she didn’t think he understood. You know the song? she said.

And he said No, I was just thinking about you singing.

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