26 October 2004


Well, I guess I'm now officially vegetarian. The whole thing started a few months ago, quite accidentally. I was relaxing with my latest Cosmo, or Glamour, or whichever one of those trash magazines it happened to be (I am a junkie) when a full-page PETA ad hit me. And convinced me to stop eating chickens and cows and pigs. It was more instinctual than intentional, just every time after that when I started to eat a hamburger I felt like throwing up. I'm very visual, which is why I can't watch scary movies (or even commercials for scary movies. I accidentally saw part of a commercial for The Grudge, and the little blue meowing boy is keeping me up at night. Literally.). Anyway, I couldn't eat meat without a mental picture of that ad, and so, I couldn't eat meat.

I was not going to stop drinking milk, eating eggs and cheese or seafood, or anything like that. Not make any sort of dramatic lifestyle change, just order the shrimp instead of the chicken. I didn't claim or want to be a vegetarian. But I sent off for PETA's Vegetarian Starter Kit, because it was supposed to have tips and recipes and stuff like that. Well, it also came with a DVD of some pretty horrific scenes from slaughter houses, and some pretty horrific articles about what happens to the cows, chicken, pigs, and sea "animals" raised for food. And so, I'm became officially vegetarian. Very vegetarian.

I showed the DVD to a fishing-crazy boy. He made a funny statement about PETA: It's not fair for them to show scenes like that. Well, it's not fair for animals to be treated like that. His other comment: I've been eating them my whole life. But if you were dating someone and found out they were a criminal (murderer, rapist, something horrible--use your imagination), you wouldn't say, I've been dating them for five years. I think you would break up with them instead.

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