03 May 2005

sofa or love seat?

sofa shopping. i'm not sure if i want a love seat or a full sofa. i like the love seat. i like that there's room for two. i like laying down with my legs over the arm, reading a book. plus they're cuter. my sister says it doesn't matter. just pick one. and the salesman says wow, the only girl who thinks that size doesn't matter. he thinks he's slick, but my sister says, it doesn't. and then he thinks she just missed the joke but really he just missed that she's a lesbian.

then he says, do you want me or the driver to deliver it to your apartment. and i say, it makes no difference. and he says, well i'm really looking forward to delivering it myself. and i realize that maybe we shouldn't buy this sofa from him after all, so i say you know what i'll come back another day and my dad will drive it home, he likes to do that kind of stuff for me. so i still need a sofa. i think next time i will wear my wedding ring, at least get some kind of use out of it.

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