13 March 2006

my blog is about to be rated r

i emailed an ex-boyfriend of mine, who i dated in high school. i've been friendly with him off and on since then, we talk about every two years. i found about 20 baby pictures of him when i started going through everything to move, so i emailed and simply asked for his mom's address to send them.

now i know we are all stressed living in new orleans post-katrina as they call it. i know everyone feels like their life has just ended. in a way it did. i get it. but this is what he sent back to me: Kiss my ass find it yourself, I've tried mailingg you for 2 months now you want to use me. Fuck off. then he sent another one about me cheating on him in high school. now, i'm not going to tell you how old i am, let's just say it's been over 5 years since high school. ok, double 5 years. is this crazy or what?

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