05 August 2006


i thought i grew past the can't-stop-drinking-until- every-single-ounce-of-alcohol-in-the- apartment-is-gone phase, but apparently not. here is where i'm supposed to insert i just can't drink like i used to (because i am getting old), but really, i never could drink like this, i just did anyway when i was younger.

usually i am the beer slacker, but on occasion i outdrink jack two to one. i was sick all day, but after two bowls of ice cream sundaes i finally feel ok. usually i would have stayed in bed with the covers over my head the entire day, only coming up to down a sprite (ginger ale here) every so often, but today i actually got my ass out of bed and cleaned the entire apartment (including spot mopping and taking out trash), entertained the in-laws who dropped by unexpectedly, and even did a little grocery shopping (yes, walgreens counts). it wasn't fun.

in my defense, we were celebrating. plus, the kids are coming today and so no drinking for a week or so. i hate drinking anyway, it gives you a false sense of sexy. there was a time briefly last night when i had on nothing but a red pair of jack's underwear. i'm not sure why, i can't remember and i am certainly not going to ask him (i'm hopeful he can't remember either).

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