14 October 2006


here's my concession to halloween decorations this year:

i didn't even really need to get this little candle holder, since our living room (below is the mantle) is spooky enough year round, but i liked the pumpkin cider-flavored tea lights and he is awfully cute.

so, yeah, the bones and skulls belong to my boyfriend's son. but the thing on the left is actually the coolest thing ever:

it is a blinking eye. all day and night it blinks steadily, (LOOK WHAT IT DOES!) and sounds like a softly ticking clock. it doesn't scare my anymore. i don't know how much it costs because it was a gift, but you can buy it from rufus at eyethinkinc. it really is cool.

actually, halloween has been a favorite holiday of mine although this year i am not sure what to do. my favorite used to be the french quarter with all its freaks in costumes, fun and drunk and scary people everywhere. now what? salem?

i've also started thinking about christmas and i love the idea of these aluminum christmas trees:

i have to say it would look so so much cooler in my apartment because my apartment is so so much cooler than that house. it looks sort of out of place there. i don't want to take christmas too seriously, and these would lool cool with our furniture and paintings. i'm not sure how to decorate it though. i also want to make stockings even though i've barely ever made anything in my life and probably won't get around to it. stockings are my favorite part of christmas. i want a skull one for his older son, a scooby-doo one for his youngest and maybe just a pink and blue one for him and i. names of course. we'll see.

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