12 October 2006

new york

new york was gorgeous yesterday. all around. the hotel. the weather. the people. the park. the food. the shopping. and especially the boyfriend. everything was perfect.

i fell in love with a dog. i was almost ready to demand him (especially if he got the vintage rolex!) but then i remembered our lease says no absolutely no pets (or livestock, for that matter). he was so happy too, i'm sure someone took him home. i couldn't find him on the internet, but he looked like this puppy from petfinders:

we drove the 4 1/2 hours in and stayed for exactly 24 hours before driving the 4 1/2 hours back. i don't think it's crazy because we seem to always be doing things like that. always in a rush. so it was nice to drop him off at the airport today and make my way home to do nothing for a day.

nothing. i love this place now. the leaves are so pretty. it is so crisp (cold, freezing actually) outside. i'm getting the urge to pretty things up: light some falll scented candles, put on some pretty background music, make some pumpkin spice coffee. to really enjoy this place instead of running in and out of it. i'm getting in the holiday mood.

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