09 November 2006


we talk about getting married sometimes. i always say i don't care about rings and stuff like that. he surprised me so much. i had no idea he was going to do it now.

we came home from work and i started working on the computer. he said he was going downstairs to the atm, but really he went to the jewelry shop. he said he thought i knew something was up because he took so long. i was so involved in work, i didn't notice he left yet. he sat down on the bed and said i love you, i said -- this is ugly, but i was aggravated -- how much? cause it better be a lot for me to do all this work. ugly, huh? and i never say things like that. and he said my name, and i always have to catch my breath when he says it, and i think that's when i turned to look at him, and he was pulling this adorable little box out of his pocket, and i just couldn't figure out what he was doing, because i knew he couldn't be doing what it looked like. and i kept saying are you kidding me? and is this a joke? and he just looked at me and then he said will you spend the rest of your life with me? and i could not believe it and the ring was the most pretty, sparkly, thing i'd ever seen, and i think it took me forever to even say yes because i was so stunned.

i still can't believe he did it. i had no idea i would feel so differently afterwards. i felt so secure anyway in his love, in our relationship, but now i feel so... happier? more secure? i knew i couldn't imagine a future without him, and now i feel like i don't ever have to even try to.

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