17 December 2006

toilet paper.

today's collage proved that yesterday was a fluke. yesterday, i picked up the magazine and everything just came together. today, i couldn't find an order to the things i ripped out so i eventually just glued it all down. but wishy-washy, changing as i went. oh well. i'll scan it after it dries. i think using such small (4x6) paper is good, otherwise i'd be ripping things out for hours. art is about editing too, right? knowing what to leave out?

(collage elements from vogue august 2006)

today will be the first day this weekend that i leave the house. what is wrong with me? i have to do all the stuff i wanted to do all weekend into one day - and it's noon already. i have to go the the groceries, not because we have absolutely no food (literally, i ate two cans of tuna, frozen brussel sprouts and ice cream this weekend, the very last edible things in the house) but because we now have absolutely no toilet paper.

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