02 February 2007

lovely baby things

i am nowhere near trying to have a baby, although i constantly debate to myself when will the right time be. sometime i think never, especially after watching last night's movie schindler's list, which i hadn't seen before, how could i bring a baby into this scary, heartbreaking world?

but if/when i do, i know they will be lovely, lovely creatures as evidenced by my nephew and niece below. each at about almost a year -- aren't they the cutest?

and, boy, do have the cutest nursery picked out! i saved these pictures from child magazine a while back. i just love the bright colors.

some other darling touches are this chalkboard paint/stencil in by the apt in domino, and the coolest high chair ever (although pretty darn expensive) from modern nursery, and, oh my god, this bird nest bassinette! (from child.com):

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