09 February 2007

my experience with driving (or how much i hate it)

i just dropped my honey off at the airport and made my way home. i barely ever drive, and it's so weird driving with snow piled on the sides of the road. it's also weird to go outside for 5 minutes and have your hands feel like they're gonna fall off.

i noticed that i am a very safe driver, almost dangerously so. i drive and average of 5 miles over the speed limit, less sometimes, and keep at least two cars lengths behind the car ahead of me like my daddy taught me, and kinda slow down in anticipation of curves. i am also a nervous driver -- i hate even the tiniest bumps in the road, cars too close behind me, merging, and especially the boston tunnels. i love traffic (unless i'm in a hurry) because it means i can sometimes go 5 miles an hour without getting into a wreck. i also keep driving instructions in my lap because sometimes i just forget where i'm going.

all that said, i've only gotten into one really bad wreck, when i was 18. it was completely my fault, my mind wandered and i ran right through a red light. when the police officer asked me if i thought it was green at the time, i simply said the truth i didn't even see the traffic light.

my driving music staple, a perfect circle thirteenth step, finally went dead, but i found another perfectly suitable driving cd: echo & the bunnymen songs to learn & sing. and it inspired me to watch donnie darko tonight.

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