08 February 2007


i have a variety of boring little things to do today, such as go to the bank, wash some dishes, you get the point. but right now, i am drinking a second cup of coffee, eating the most fabulous toffee oatmeal cookies made by my neighbor and watching lost horizon.

i should wait until jack gets home and make him watch it with me, since last night i sat through the dreadful (but still very scary (to me alone probably)) burnt offerings. that movie was awfu and cheesy instead of scary, but maybe anticipating watching it several days ahead of time had me ready to be scared, or maybe it's the reminicence to both amityville horror and the shining. dunno.

the cookies were quite a story. a few nights ago, we were sitting in bed and heard a fantastic outside of our back door. upon investigation, we found our incredibly pregnant upstairs neighbor shaking, sobbing and sweeping. apparently, she was carrying groceries and a glass bowl up the stairs when her dog (a very big dog) took off and made her trip and break the bowl.

she sorta broke down and it wasn't the bowl breaking, it was the problems with painters, hating that she is alone (her husband's been out of town for a month!), having to walk the dogs all the time, the cable people not coming, pregnancy, exhaustion, and on and on crying the whole time. we are not friendly neighbor people, so you know she had to be upset to tell us all of this.

anyway, the next day she brought over about three dozen giant cookies to thank us (jack technically) for letting her cry on his shoulder. the whole thing was normal i guess, but bizarre for us. but as i am getting addicted to these cookies, i think i will have to: be very friendly, rent jack out to her, or try making my own oatmeal toffee bars.

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