21 April 2007


last night i watched a movie about dreaming. this morning there was an article "how to interpret your dreams" in the new allure. and i just found this tiny fragment that i saved from a magazine when i was about 11 and scanned into my computer a few months ago:

i dream almost every night, and usually again when i wake up and fall back asleep. i've always had vivid dreams, always in color. lots of nightmares too. interestingly, i read today that 2 out of 3 dreams are nightmares. i think mine are 50/50, so i guess i'm lucky.

i dream crazy shit sometimes, like i'm one of the girls in the girls next door or that my husband is cheating or that i'm wandering through mazes. i used to dream a lot about protecting my sister and brother, having to kill people who were trying to hurt us. i also dream a lot about silly mundane stuff, like arranging furniture or packing or grocery shopping.

also, often in my dreams people look like other people i know. like my brother's girlfriend in my dream will look like a schoolmate i had in junior high, but i'll know that she really is my brother's girlfriend. you know? or my dad will look like a guy i used to work with, but it's really my real dad? i know it doesn't make much sense, but i'll tell jack, you were in my dream last night, but you looked like my ex, but in my dream i knew was you. does that happen to anyone else?

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