26 April 2007

i don't know how to see

i read that your first assignment in a photography class is often to lock yourself in the bathroom and take a whole roll of film.

so, before i got into the bath today, i tried it. i looked at everything in that bathroom and i tried to "see". and maybe i just don't have it in me, because i didn't see anything. and then i thought maybe i saw some things, the way the light streaked, the was the towels looked like abstract art, so i took pictures. and the best from the roll are these crappy, obvious pictures:

the article said "Opening your eyes is required for photography regardless of where you are. Closed eyes in even the loveliest of places still lead to dull photos. Open eyes even in the crappiest of locations leads to brilliant work."

i am ready to believe that. but how do i learn to open my eyes? i'm not sure you can even learn, it seems like you either have a creative vision or you don't.

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