16 April 2007


i saw this helen keller quote on a picture frame in hallmark and it sort of fit with how my life's been going and the attitude i want to have towards it:

life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

we're moving again, in less than two months, and i am glad. i have an unhealthy feeling of exitment about it, same as when we moved here.

this has turned into a disaster of nothing, and i want the daring adventure, so at least i am getting another chance to start over, somewhere i don't know and that doesn't know me.

here's a list for now, little things i want to do in my life, things that are oh so easy to forget:

  • get interesting
  • be at least half vegetarian
  • exercise
  • wear pretty clothes when there's no real reason too
  • get a graduate degree
  • take art/photography classes
  • work at a theater
  • connect with people
  • pay off credit cards
  • learn to sketch

i know i'll be allright anywhere, with this man, and happy even with the nothing, and that knowledge scares me.

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