10 July 2007

cool stuff

i remember marveling a few years back at just how cool a friend of mine's house was. they didn't spend much money, but everything they owned was unique and, well, cool. it occurred to me yesterday that i feel exactly that same way about my own apartment. slowly and unintentionally, i've filled my place with cool ass shit that i love.

(and that's not to say that anyone else would like my stuff like i do, but if you only buy things you like, your place with be filled with stuff you like. (duh.))

and it must be every time you buy (and his definitely includes being given stuff - just say no!) something, no matter how mundane and utilitarian, seek out what you like instead of just buying whatever is cheapest or most available. and don't worry about whether things will match. we just buy whatever colors we like at the time and somehow it all works together, everything looks fun. i've done without a lot, rather than have something i hate to look at.

here are some of the little things that make me happy from around the 'partment:

vintage lamps:

lamp from target (i didn't clean up for the pics, as you can see):

[desk] chair:

chair and planter from eurway:

ooh, and coming soon are this cute little smiley sofa and tv stand, also from eurway:

eurway is kinda like an ikea, but cooler i think. it's pretty darn cheap...

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