20 July 2007

books, such books

(from the snapshot book by roger hicks)

the library here is huge. so big it's impossible to browse in one day. and very impossible to carry out all of the books i want to take home with me.

for now i've been going through my amazon wish list and seeing what books they have, and finding a few surprises such as these two wonderful books (which i can't find to link on amazon, so i've just taken a few photos of the book pages...):

the snapshot book by roger hicks
when i read through this i had a revelation of sorts - this is the kind of photography i want to do. this is what i like. sounds stupid i know, but to capture the everyday and the ordinary and the beautiful and traumatic all around me. we are all so capturable, but i can't make the pictures i take look like what inspired me. not even remotely like it. that's what i want to learn.

i really want to own this book, it's from 1982 but the text is so charming and look how timeless even the photos are...

sorry about the flash below, but if you click for the full-size you can read it...

hollywood: the years of innocence by john kobal
people in hollywood were so normal looking back then. it's remarkable that we've changed so much and still so little.

and this one i recently picked up from borders, it's very good, not one of those how to scrapbook kind of books at all:

also i inherited jack's ipod since he got an iphone from his company (can you believe that?)... and have been busy putting pictures, album covers, and all those albums i respectfully left off when it was officially his (kelly clarkson, for example).

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