23 July 2007

i love this ugly dress

much needed shopping. and a cutie-pie haircut. all in all, with the exception of having to give the boys back to their mother, it was a very good weekend.

every single time i've walked through a mall in the last few months there's been this dress in the window of ny&co and every single time i stop and admire it and say to jack i love that dress, always prefaced with i know it's ugly, but or i don't know why, but... saturday he said go try it on. (probably because in banana republic i had just flipped over this fluffy white lace and vintage button-y empire waisted dress which trying on definitely cured me of.)

i tried it on and busted out laughing, it looked like a tent, a very bright geometric tent. i looked 7 months pregnant at least. i walked out to show him, we had a little laugh, but when i went back to take it off i still loved it. i left the store, then finally went back in and bought it.

i am not exagerating the pregnant-ness of the dress, the sales lady even made the comment that it was not a style that not everybody could pull off. but for some crazy reason it makes me so happy and now i own it:

almost forgot to show my new t-shirt (from urban outfitters), isn't it great? i can't wait for the boys to see it, they get such a kick out of "teaching" me about star wars...

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Locked & Loaded said...

The way you were describing the dress I expected some type of monstrosity! :) It's a cute dress, though definitely not something that everyone can pull off. As long as you carry it with confidence and it makes you happy, as they say - who cares what everyone else thinks?