22 October 2007

this that we call home

arriving i am looking back, to my own past, feeling wistful and nostalgic and hopeful. and by departure all the illusions have disapated completely.

things ::

:: i love weddings. everyday i read a dozen or so blogs written by wedding stylists or photographers.

:: this weekend i bought a plaid jumper with two buttons like i wore in the 90s and i love it.

:: i found a song: love you till the end by the pogues. i'm about to buy it from itunes because i can't stop thinking it. it's wonderful.

:: today is the first day of fall here. it feels brisk and invigorating and makes me miss new england so much. i want fresh clam chowder and apple cider. instead i'm settling for oatmeal.

:: my photography class ended today. the teacher kept asking what direction i want to go into, and why i am doing this, and i kept saying i don't really know. but i do.

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