30 July 2008

spoiled, much?

on our last flight to new york, i finally let jack buy a membership to the airline's president's club. let me tell you this boy has wanted for so long to be able to go behind those closed doors. he flies so much that now he's almost always upgraded (for free) to the first class cabin and he's getting totally spoiled. i'm not really into those sorts of things, but i have to say i'm glad we did it. our second flight was delayed until 11:30 pm (from 4 pm!) and we got to go into this locked family room all to ourselves with comfy seats and two tvs with dvd players, plus all the complimentary drinks and crackers and cheese and apples and granola bars and chips we wanted. the boys spread out their toys and watched movies and i watched some top design and shear genius and read magazines.

this is only the second really big (5 different planes, two hotels, 6 days) vacation trip taken with the step-kids. it's different than traveling alone. much less selfish and luxorius. my favorite part of hotel rooms is usually the bathtub - since i adore taking baths and our apartment here only has a shower! - but there were mostly showers this trip.

it's fun to see them experience new and different things, but disappointing to see them not really appreciate it.

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