22 August 2008

smells like teen spirit

so, i went shopping yesterday, to the mall, and i couldn't even believe my eyes. it seems the '90s are back in fashion.

i've thought before about what, exactly, was '90s style. it didn't seem definable to me in the way that '80s, or '70s, or any other decade is. seemed boring and random. but walking through the mall, like, everything looked like something i would've wore in high school. colored straight leg jeans, floral baby-dolls, plaid mini-skirts, flannel shirts, even pink doc martens. it made me deliciously happy.

happy enough to buy this cheap see-through dress and a few candles from bath and body works. just like i would've on a mall trip in the '90s (if you replace forever 21 with whatever cheap store was around then).

now, few things about this dress:
it's kind of ugly.
it's kind of young.
it's kind of see-through.
i love it.

i mean love it. i'm going to rock it with my patent cowboy boots, something that i would have never done in high school.

speaking of things that take me courage to wear, here is a necklace i bought in soho:

it makes a wonderful chiming from the disks hitting each other when i walk. and it's so long and versatile - i can wrap it three times for a choker, twice for a normal length, or not at all for a knee- length. i've worn it with simple cotton dresses and t-shirts and jeans to make them less boring.

i love being old enough to wear things that make me happy instead of being so self-conscious that i remove them before walking out the door.

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