09 October 2008

things i want to do

wear a costume.

celebrate every holiday with a tradition.

learn a foreign language, or several.

return my library books so i can check out stuff again. including books on above.

dress for fun, not function.

make a look-book journal from all my magazine rip-outs.

moisturize every morning, so i'll have pretty skin.

listen to music all the time.

watch the top 1001 movies, except the very scary ones. not worth it for me.

exercise almost-daily.
and lose 5 pounds.

do something to help the world.

learn photoshop, start by reading my new book.

develop all of my waiting film.
scan the rest of the old photographs.
and then print all the digital pics.
and then buy a fancy box to keep them in.

not have grubby nails. do them once a week. in pretty colors.

go to a museum in every city i visit.
and every museum in the city i live in.

six month dental cleanings!

make a quilt.

have wedding photos. maybe book an engagement session and wear the clothes we wore?

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