19 March 2009

we wandered around today...

it's weird to live downtown in such a touristy city. to walk past the alamo on the way to the post office. the mall within walking distance is maybe the most confusing place i've ever been, since you can enter/exit on the street, from the river and from neighboring hotels. the city is strange in itself, in little ways, it's odd and weird and sometimes creepy. 

here's some random snaps from today...

inside ripley's believe-it-or-not:

part of the berlin wall:

disco cowgirl mannequin:

a pretty window, with a weird scene going on inside...

look closer, it's a precious moments astronaut-girl with a skull and rocks: 

kids working on a busy street downtown. the little girl took the money, the boy made the cotton candy. you can't tell, but they were like 8 and 10:

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