02 September 2004

eat what?

I got out of my car this morning and the lady next to me got out of hers. She made this horrible face. ewwh, you like that? she said. And I tried to figure out what the hell she was talking about. I thought of this horrible rotten stench that sometimes presents itself, but that’s in the afternoon after the leftover shrimp and catfish has baked in the heat for hours. This morning there was nothing in the air.

Then she said ewwh, you eat that? And I looked down at my bottled water, she can’t be talking to me. She can’t think water is that gross. But no one else was anywhere around and she was standing a foot away from me looking directly at me. Then, she must be crazy. But I don’t like to be rude, so I smiled and nodded anyway.

Again, ewwh, you eat that? louder this time. Are you talking to me? I had to ask. What? she said. Are you talking to me? And she removed this miniscopular earpiece and said what again. No honey, I’m talking to my mom. And what, mom? she said shoving the speaker back in.

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