04 September 2004

web stats

I got a little bit of a shocker a few days ago when something made me realize how un-anonymous the web actually is. See, I write online exactly as I do in my little leather-bound journal, at home, usually in pajamas late at night and it feels so private...

Then I discovered something called web statistics, and saw that sometimes in a day 500 people visit this site, probably by accident, but that half came referred from a site that had my personal information on it. And that’s just creepy.

I’ve always been a private person and seeing my name, address and phone number displayed without me even knowing made me feel not good at all, foolish and vulnerable and a little like looking over my shoulder all the time. I guess it’s not much people by web standards, but it’s a lot more people than I let come over and read my diary! I don’t mind people contacting me, and that’s why my email address is listed, but I do like to feel anonymous.

So, I thought about whether to keep this site, or start a new one, or none at all and I decided to keep it. I like writing it and recording little snippets of life, that’s why I do it, and that’s why I’ll keep doing it. And I’ll just hope no creeps or weirdos are reading...

So, since I’m going forward with it, I’ve gone ahead and put last week’s post up today.

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