24 November 2004


I've got to stop looking for signs and instead make real decisions about things. Logic, something I've never been too good at. So much easier to just not think about things. Just to let things happen. Then you don't have to take responsibility for whatever goes wrong. Then you can do things that make no sense logically without feeling bad, the signs said yes.

And I'm so tired of wish-washing between things, second-guessing every decision a million times and still not knowing what to do. Just I know even the most insignificant things can change everything so much. Taking risks? Another thing I'm not very comfortable with although you might not know it. But some things have got to change. They just have to.

So, I'm swearing off of yahoo horoscopes and the magic eight ball for a while and I'm going to try to navigate this on my own. I'm going to try no signs and a tiny bit of logic, mixed with pure intuition. And we'll see what happens when that's not enough.

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