16 November 2004


I decided a while back some things about truth. I don't believe there is the truth, there are lots of truths. And the truth can change, can fragment, can falter, can splinter. Truth, like reality, is different for everyone just like it's different for moments in time. I hightlighted page 174 of my book I'm reading today because she said what I already knew in better words: Say it. If it is true to you, then it is true. Another truth may take its place later. What comes truly from me is true, whether anybody believes it or not. It is my truth.

Whenever I pick up this book and start reading, it never fails that I will find a passage that is completely comforting and validating and freeing and true. I bought it from the bookstore because (my number one reason, I hate to admit) I liked the cover. Turns out its not a how to write book, but more like a how to live. Funny how a book can make you feel less alone.

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