27 April 2005

sex in the city

we were watching sex in the city yesterday and he said charlotte is too old to have a baby. and i started worrying about whether i would ever have a baby, because i just can't see it happening too soon and i'm getting too old also (well, sort of). and he said i think you need to have a baby. and he said do you want to have a baby. and i just looked at him because how do you answer that really? when asked by the married man you've been living with for three months? and he said do you want to have a baby with me? and still i just looked at him. and he said don't answer that. but what answer did he not want to hear i wonder? and i said i would want it to be perfect and i don't think it ever will be. and he said you don't wait for perfect, you just find when it would be ok. and i said well, right now is neither perfect nor ok. and i don't even want a baby, where did this come from? why do i think like this now? i hate not knowing whether i want a baby. shouldn't i at least know that?

see, i think my mom fucked me up. i told her the other day that i was seeing someone. and she asked about a million questions and i answered them all as honestly as i could without totally freaking her out. and she made me feel really stupid for thinking that i've found something great. she always makes me feel like love isn't a possibility, like people are bad and you are stupid to trust them. and inside i think she might be right and that's what scares me. inside i think i might be stupid and she just validates me.

so i came home in a pissy mood. and said stuff like we should be taking it slow and what are we doing and why are we so stupid. and he got aggrivated i'm sure, and he said well, we are taking it slow, it's not like we're committed or something, it's not like i want to marry you. and then i got really upset, because even though i was saying all of that crap, i wasn't meaning it at all. not one bit. and i think maybe he doesn't mean it either. because the night before he was talking about contracts and having 90 days to break it if he decides to go somewhere and i said, are you leaving, i need to know if you're leaving! and he said i'm not going anywhere without you.

which is a whole other problem if it actually came down to it, i'm not sure what i would do. because i would hate to have someone that i was dependent on. and if i left i would have to quit my job, etc, and i would hate to be that vulnerable. but on the other hand it would be fun, adventure, something different. so i don't know what i would do. but the point is he said that and he looked like he meant it, he looked really happy about it in his eyes. so i think he might be committed. but who knows with guys. he says he loves me, and i believe him, but maybe he just needs somebody to get him through this. i don't know. i only care in principle, because whatever it is, it's getting me through this too. mutually beneficial, and i'll worry about the rest later.

and my mom really hurt my feelings because i was going on about how adorable he is and i wanted to show her a picture so she could see just how cute he was, because i really do think he is so handsome and i could look at him all night, especially with no shirt on, and this is what she said, i'm not lying, word for word (i hope my sister finds and reads this because i think she wouldn't be surprised, it's such a bitchy thing to say, but i was shocked, completely) all i see is a beard, glasses and a receding hairline. she's such a bitch... all i could think was how much that would hurt his feelings if he knew my mom said that. and he's so adorable too, did i say that already? or course for the rest of the day she wondered if she had hurt my feelings, and said things like, i just couldn't see well in that picture, but you know, it was just too late...

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