10 May 2005


babies were the topic of the day. One of my best friends sent out a mass email to say that she is pregnant again. Sandwiched between the Iraqi soldiers joke and the friendship test. I called to congratulate her, but you know, i should have just hit reply.

i told him about the email. i told him about the phone call. me pouting that i will be the last person on earth without a baby, her saying that what i need is a cat. and later, after three coronas and two glasses of red wine he brought it back up. should we start trying? let's start trying. stop teasing me, i said, i don't want a baby. our babies would be so cute, he said, are there any names you like? stop it, now, i said, you're being mean. but then we talked about names until i think we both started getting freaked out, and then i said, too soon for this? and he said, yeah, let's not do this.

but, after one corona and two glasses of red wine, i wasn't ready to let it go, because as you know this baby thing is a topic i've spent much too much time with lately. so, i told him about my theories, starting with the "biological clock is ticking" theory and ending with the "i want to trap him" theory. is there such a thing as too honest? and what do you think, mr. scientist? and he says, quite simply, i think you want to be a mom.

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