05 May 2005

a new path

I have been thinking about you. Sometimes God leads you down the path least expected but it turns out to be a wonderful thing. Hang in there. The best is yet to come. You are a wonderful person.

sometimes people surprise you. i got this email yesterday after i told a former co-worker about the separation/divorce. i had to. she keeps asking how he is, how's the cats and dog, how's the house. i said, you might have heard already, but i have to tell you something. and poor thing she thought i was going to say i was pregnant.

i never wanted to be divorced. it's funny. i never thought i would be. that part breaks my heart. i never knew him at all.


Conservation Terms said...

Be encouraged. It sounds like a hard time. God is always there. Through it all. And although you may ask the question "Why me, Lord? Do you care?", He always knows what's best. The one thing I learned about God, is the fact that where ever I am, when ever I need Him, He is there. Through the darkest times in my life, I saw the light. And know that no matter what happens, He will be waiting with open arms. Trust God, He cares:)

Supernaturally Sagittarius said...

Never knew him at all. You knew him, he was what you needed at some point. See, but people change – we are always evolving and moving, some of us much, much, agonizingly much slower than others. Some of us SO much faster it’s scary. You knew him, and then you grew and changed. He slowed and slowed until he had almost stopped for a moment. Somewhere in there, the connection was lost. He was what you needed, now this is what you need and one day this will not fit and once again what you will need will be in front of you. Don’t be sad, be unbelievably happy – be grateful, be excited, be overwhelmed, be alive!