15 June 2005

perfect weekend

i'm still trying to figure out: a)how on earth i wound up with the most perfect man god has ever created, and, b)when am i going to wake up.

this weekend i think i doubled the number of flights taken over the course of my lifetime. let's see: to and from cancun, to and from washington dc, to and from new york, and to and from puerto vallarta with a change in houston. that's six and four i suppose, so i'd have to say doubled since i met him (that would be four and six). i had a deathly fear of flying, but it's gone. no valium needed this trip. we went to heaven. paradise. did i mention he is the most perfect man ever created? adorable, ridiculously smart, inherently good (wholesome), but a little kinky too, sensitive, caring, sophisticated (he would say refined...), and genuinely thoughtful and appreciative. sincere. and so handsome. and such a great sense of humor. he's like everything you could ever want in a man, and much much more than you would ever expect. the best thing is that being on the beach with him in paradise sipping margaritas is really no more fun than sitting with him in the airport lobby or on the sofa in the apartment watching a movie. when am i going to wake up?

and we got matching necklaces from the beach vendor, isn't that sickenly sweet? there was that one crying spell incident after i had had too many tequila sunrises one pina colada and then more magaritas. he's such a good sport about it, yes, i love you, yes, we can get married, yes, we can have kids, of course i love you. not one, you are crazy, why are you crying when we are sitting on the beach in paradise. then we slept it off in the sun, then woke up with a terribly burnt on the front half only of my body, then went in the water and almost got killed by the ocean waves, i thougt i was going to die, don't ever brave huge pacific ocean waves when you are still drunk. they literally picked me up and flipped me and crashed me on the ocean floor on my face. and then back. and then face again. and salt water burns terribly when you drink it through your nose. and while i was stumbling along the shore he said he threw up in the ocean.

still, it was such a perfect weekend.

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