22 June 2005

clap girl

your credit can be girl with clap, they decided. no, pretty girl with clap. it was unanimous. is that better? i asked. oh, yes. it's definitely better than ugly girl with clap.

making movies is fun. they say, marker! and i say scene four, take one, clap. then clickclack back to my seat before action! note to self: no more high heels on the set.

making movies is fun, making movies with these guys is work. zero budget film-making. so you have to take shot after shot with one camera man. who is also the director.

i love watching the creative process. i see in words. in my head. that's how my vision works. it's amazing to watch people who see in images and even movies in their head. and see it transformed to the stage or screen. i am so amazed. that's what i love about this.

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