03 December 2005


All morning I thought the guy next door was doing some sort of aerobic exercise, in 10 minute spurts. I was sort of aggravated that he was making so much noise, so early. Trying to imagine him doing jumping jacks in steel toed boots or something. But it’s an old lady next door. And I just realized it’s a hammer. Even this early on a Saturday morning the construction goes on. The rebuilding. How’s it going? Not so well.
I just ate a whole box of milano cookies and watched a Making the Band 3 marathon. what is happening to me? He is in Florida, so I have the whole day to wax and paint toenails and stuff, but I don’t feel like it. I think I’m going to go check the post office and then go shopping for a mop and Christmas decorations. I decided not to visit mom this weekend, I need alone time.

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