03 January 2006

strip clubs

At dinner with your boyfriend and his friends: Don’t drink too much and help them talk him into going to a strip club for the first time. Don’t buy him a lap dance. Don’t tell his friends how good your sex life is including detailed description of his, you know.

I have a completely different view of strip clubs now. I thought it would be someplace really sexy where guys sat transfixed by the view of naked bodies, but the whole time these guys joked to themselves how bad the women looked: "Nice body, dog face". And to the girl giving a lap dance: "Let me guess how old you are-- 32?" She was 23 (she said). It was like being on a Howard Stern set. Definitely less glamorous and sexy than I had imagined. Now I really don’t see why guys go there. Maybe they would have acted differently someone's girlfriend’s around, I doubt it?

i think he may have been really jealous of the stripper giving me a lap dance. and upset that i sent her over to him afterward. he sat there will his hands on the chair staring straight forward. you know i was so not jealous, i could just feel his disgust. but i guess i looked like i was having too much fun, being a little too drunk and chatty, and with the girl demanding i touch her breasts and legs. and she was really nice, we had a conversation about shaving cream (her legs were so smooth!), and perfume. She came afterwards and sprayed me with her perfume out of her bag (victoria's secret, very sexy, the red, not the pink).

Seriously, the strip club was not our thing. I used to think doing things like that would be sexy, but it just felt bad with him. it felt like why would we need this? things are usually so perfect, it put a weird vibe into the night, and took a day or two to wear off.

His friend was impressed by how clean we left the place… but for some reason he couldn’t find his sheets. May be a good thing.

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