08 March 2006

i need my uterus... i want to keep it

something is so wrong with me. i tried to self-diagnose on webmd.com but, no help. let me know if you know:

1) gutt-wrenching lower stomach pain, (or pelvis pain, i couldn't tell exactly from the diagram on webmd what it would fall under), for like 3o minutes (like the worst pain i've ever felt in my life) and since then, it hurts a little and is tender to the touch. and sex has hurt since, actually i feel like my uterus is falling out, is that possible?

2) hiccups intermittently throughout the day, as well as a carsick feeling even though i'm not in a car.

3) crying, off and on for no apparent reason for two, almost three days.

4) mild fever, 99.5. my face has felt hot for two, almost three days.

i left work sick today. i've been in bed pouting for two days and i don't see it going away. i can't tell if something is really wrong, if i'm sick or if i just feel sick. maybe it's in my head. he said, wellness is a feeling so if you feel sick then you are. he's good, huh?

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