05 March 2006

so how am i gaining weight?

i have literally one thing in my refridgerator right now: an unopened jar of cheese dip someone brought over for a christmas party. oh, and two beers. nothing in the freezer. the state of affairs is bad right now. the cabinets aren't great either, i just checked. one box of cereal, tea bags, chicken noodle soup, and a can of smoked oysters (yuk!). last time i grocery shopped it was at walgreens. i spent 40 dollars on a few warm up meals and celebrity gossip magazines. i'm not doing it again, i'd rather starve.

i'm watching girls next door instead of the oscars. for some reason i actually like it, even though watching makes me want to 1) wear more pink, 2) get a cat, and 3) call my grandparents.

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