02 March 2006


I am moving to Boston, if all goes well. and if not, i'm moving somewhere. I have 30 days to move out of my apartment and into his, and in another 60 we'll make the big move...

i've learned some things about stuff since the hurricane, and what I learned is that I don't need it. it does not suit me, the minimalist life does. packing and moving out of my apartment is weird because i haven't actually lived there in five, six?, months. all the stuff that i used to love so much, stuff that survived the last big move and clear out when i made the first big change last year, isn't going to survive this. it's hard to let go of things, and the only way i am getting through it is because i've already let go in my head. i figured everything was lost in the storm and i came to peace with it. i've already taken most of my pictures, and consolidated from about 3000 to about 500. what's left, i can actually enjoy. i've even scanned and cd'd the most precious ones.

I packed up my bedroom last night, it went like this... one big box and one little box that's coming with me, twelve boxes to get rid of. what little furniture i have is getting delivered to my parent's house, since they lost all of their's in the hurricane. you know, life is never what i expect. i hope it stays this way, i'm getting used to happiness.

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