03 March 2006

she is cute... but a little desperate

am i going to be lisa loeb in a few years? ruling out potential dates because he don't want kids right now? the scenes from the next show her at a fertility center. i'm scared it will come to that.

i had a dream the other day that i was in labor, my water even broke. i have babies on the brain. what is happening to me. the thing is, my whole life i've felt like i didn't want things like that-- marriage, kids, a house-- but even while i am logically thinking that there is this side of me practically longing for it. it sucks being a woman, although i have a suspicion it has less to do with hormones and more to do with the horrible town i was raised in. small without the charms that usually accompany small. corrupt, poor, racist, and booze/drugs-laden. i really hate that city. (but i'm still sorry katrina wiped it off the map... a lot of people loved it) but there, that's the only thing girls were good for. and to get anywhere, even to drive at night, (i swear i grew up seriously living this), you needed a man to protect you. when i moved out of my own, and started living my way, that was one of the most overwhelming and satifying moment of my life.

anyway, i already have the glasses...

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