03 May 2006

30 seconds

I was sent this link in an email today, I watched a few and I swear, I feel like all the time I ever spent watching movies was totally wasted. Cause you can watch them distilled down to 30 seconds, and performed by cartoon bunnies, and they are sometimes better than the original. Watch titanic and especially brokeback mountain if you don’t believe me. That movie was totally boring, even with Michele Williams who I totally love (I’m a complete closet dawson’s creek fan even though I was like 10 years too old for it when it came out. I love, love dawson’s creek, still do, and now that joey’s gone and hooked up with wacko, jenn’s taken her place in my heart. Disloyal, I know but like they care.) anyway, brokeback mountain totally sucked and was so boring (except for that scene where heath ledger returns to his bedroom and starts getting it on with michelle and then just flips her over and takes her from the back. For some reason I thought that was totally hot. Am I sick? Wait, I thought we were talking about dawson’s creek…)

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