26 May 2006


first day back. i remember so much. i feel so content, peaceful.

remember when i hated flying? when i could count the flights each distinctly?

i love it. i love being surrounded by the clouds. taking off and landing no longer affect me, but i still gasp at the clouds...

we apartment hunted for up to 10 hours a day for a week. it was like a full-time job.

it was unbelievable.

i can't believe i am moving to the cutest, quaintest, coolest, most beautiful town in the entire universe. i mean, we took the camera and these are the pictures we took on our apartment hunt! backyards, can you believe it?

i am going to miss this place, it is true. our old apartment. it is so magical, the memories i have here.

the last year has been a dream, and a nightmare at times, but so overwhelmingly wonderful.

i feel like i've grown up here. like home. last night was the last night ever i will spend her, and it's not believable to me yet. good-bye fema trailors, good-bye new orleans, good-bye home.

we are going somewhere new, where we will beach-bum it, where we will drive an old convertible, wear cowboy hats, kiss and bike ride and kayak and twirl in marilyn dresses and be new.

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