05 May 2006

i love, love technology

when i was thirteen, i’d spend hours, days, listening to songs i had recorded off the radio, replaying them on my tape recorder line by line, listening over and over again, writing down the lyrics.

i did it with my best friend, we would listen together and debate then mutually decide on words we couldn’t quite make out. we wrote the lyrics down and i kept them in my song lyrics binder.

so i can fully appreciate the availability of any song you’ve ever heard before in your life’s lyrics constantly on demand at the click of a button. it’s like the old people who walked miles in the snow to school (barefoot) can appreciate the automobile.

and you know according to my boyfriend’s ipod you can cut and paste lyrics into and then scroll through them as you are listening to the song. i haven’t tried it yet, but that is kick ass ya’ll.

so, what do thirteen year olds do now?

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